Dog Health 101

Whether you’re getting a new dog or looking into pet health, learning about the ins and outs of dog health is essential to having a happy dog. From food to drinks and weather conditions, you should know everything there is to know about dog health. Let’s break it down with an easy listicle. Foods Treating

Cat Behavior 101

Cats are curiously strange creatures, but none the less adorable in every way. Just like dogs, they have their own ways of expressing their feelings to you and others. I’m sure you have come across a cat in passing. You know when a cat walks up to you with its fuzzy little face and swishy

8 Tips For Keeping Your Aging Dog Healthy

As dogs age, they need a little extra love and care. Older canines often suffer from a variety or health issues at some point or another; arthritis or hip dysplasia are quite common. In order to keep your dog healthy, it’s best to start a specific age-appropriate diet and exercise regiment. Even if your old

5 Tips for Socializing Your Dog

Rescuing or adopting a dog is one of the most kind-hearted things you can do, but it doesn’t come without its trials. You don’t know what that dog has been through. Abuse or neglect? You are bringing an animal into your home that has already had another owner, whether good or bad. Obviously Rocky and

How Long Can You Leave Your Dog Alone?

You get up in the morning and out comes Cooper, rushing down the hallway, wiggling his way over to you. You’re a little groggy, but boy, does that big slobbery smile cheer you up in an instant. He follows you around the house as you get ready for the day, wagging his tail as he

5 Tips Before Getting A Puppy

Do you want to come home to a lovable fluff muffin every day? Someone who will be excited every single time you walk through the door? Honestly, who wouldn’t? A puppy is one of the sweetest, most adorable additions to any family. Before you step into the world of puppydom, let’s go over a few

Comforting Dogs During Storms

The Fourth of July may be over, but for many skittish dogs, that doesn’t mean the fear of loud noises is in the past. Fireworks may trigger fear in some dogs, but they typically only last during the week of the 4th. Thunderstorms can come and go year-round and may frighten your furry friends. Learn

Must Love Dogs

Yes, the name of this post is copied from the truly terrible rom-com Must Love Dogs starring a young Diane Lane and John Cusack. Critics say the film “… was like eating candy Pop Rocks—there’s a bit of fizz, but it leaves no lasting impression…” and received a whopping 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. While I

Goldilocks and the 4 Bears

My family owns a cabin on a small lake called Fallen Leaf Lake, in South Lake Tahoe. This home as been in my family for nearly a century, having been built by my great grandfather Leslie (ironic, I know.). Now, this article isn’t about our cabin… but if you’d like to read about it, it’s